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Best 12 inch shallow mount subwoofer - Alpine SWR-T12 review

What is the best 12 inch shallow mount subwoofer

For who doesnt know what is shallow mount subwoofer - Basically the shallow mount subwoofer offers a distinct type of performance and portability, which are important factors in your final selection.It's designed to reproduce bass, while remaining compact.

Shallow mount subwoofers is a great add on for small vehicles such as car, SUV, and the sporty car owner, as this audio speaker mostly providing a clarity and comparable volume with less of other model depth.In terms of inches size,it's usually come in varieties dimensions such as 8, 10 or 12 inch which is a perfect option to put into the rear of your car.Also there are plenty of top and popular car audio systems manufacturers to choose from such as Alpine, Pioneer, JL Audio, Sony and Eclipse.
If you own a truck, sports car, or just a car with a small room that mostly can't be reproduced by your door speakers you can change it by add more level of power and sound to your music with shallow mount subwoofer.
Due to the way it's mounted in your vehicle so generally the shallow mount type of subwoofer will have to do with the lightness and portability of the component, this speakers must be lighter than many other normal subwoofers and also it will not give more weigh down to your car.Using the shallow mount woofer also will be make you easy to install and remove it from the car.Finally, the lighter subwoofer will also be easier move or transport outside the vehicle.

Quality of sound using shallow mount subwoofer

Note: A shallow mount subwoofer usually will not give you the same quality of sound as a larger type might be produce.Normally you also will find it hard to presset in order to get the same bass and low end frequencies in as clear and loud of a manner on a shallow mount subwoofer.

Another concern about a shallow mount subwoofer has to do with its durability. It can more easily become dislodged, which means that it can fall out or suffer other damages. The fact that more of the shallow mount subwoofer is exposed lends to this too.

A subwoofer receive it power from the large driver that been built in it, though it unfortunately frequently calls for an equally large cabinet and if you own any of car, SUV, or any other type vehicle that have a small lot of trunk space, you will get a little bit difficult to put a full sized component of subwoofer.

Shallow mount 12" subwoofer

If you’re facing this situation, the 12" shallow mount subwoofer could be the answer to your problem. Often able to be installed with a mounting depth of four inches or less, these little powerhouses can give you the low frequency response your music needs to sound complete without monopolizing all of your car’s storage space.

Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer
Our goal here is to find you something that fits in your car and meets your needs. If you feel we missed a shallow-mount sub you love, feel free to hit us in the comments below.Although you are able to get a shallow mound sub for under $80, and good shallow subs are much more expensive. We recommend you spend a little extra money for what we think will be a much better listening experience.

Here are in our opinion the best slim 12” shallow mount subwoofers:

Alpine SWR-T12 12-Inch 1800 Watt 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Alpine Swr-t12
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For someone who really wants to make a great sound system for their car and as also for someone who likes to do a lot of traveling and driving while listening to the new tracks frequently, this Alpine SWR-T12 increasingly and boost you audio system especially with the bass and make a superd and great sound in your vehicle.

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The SWR-T12 12" thin subwoofer handles up to 600 watts RMS for tremendous thump. Its aluminum woofer cone works with the multi-roll Santoprene™ surround for performance that will really surprise you. The finned aluminum heat sink is directly coupled to the frame for rapid heat dissipation that'll keep your sub running cool. Type-R Thin subs present ideal solutions for applications with limited available space, such as pickup trucks and compact cars.

Props to Alpine for getting it right on the shallow won't blow your mind but its a good sub.The Alpine is a very cleverly designed product to be sure, and its designers deserve credit for smartly negotiating all the compromises necessary to deliver a good thin woofer, but the 13TW5 also offers a very compelling solution in the thin-woofer category.

The 13TW5 has a very large coil (7-inch diameter) and thermal power handling is actually far higher than our rating, which is very conservative in order to account for the abusive duty that a Car subwoofer is often subjected to (all our Car woofers are rated conservatively). In our home subwoofer systems, a single 13TW5 is paired with a 1kW amplifier.We wouldn't do that if the driver couldn't handle it.

Differences JL Audio 13TW5-3 Specs vs Alpine SWR-T12 Specs

JL Audio 13TW5-3 Specs vs Alpine SWR-T12
The Alpine SWR-T12 does not out displace the 13TW5 in terms of linear displacement.If we take Alpine's 15 mm one way Klippel-derived Xmax claim at face value and multiply it by the piston area (Sd) of 490 cm^2, then multiply by 2 (for peak-to-peak), the total linear displacement is 1470 cc.

Alpine Type-R SWR-T12
JL Audio 13TW5v2-2
Subwoofer Series
Type-R (Alpine)
TW5 (JL Audio)
Subwoofer Size
Peak Power Handling
1800 Watts
RMS Power Handling
600 Watts
600 Watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
4 ohms
2 ohms
Frequency Response
26 – 200hz
26 - 200 Hz

Alpine’s Type-R thin-line subwoofers feature a special spider design that uses a series of adjacent rolls to help the cone moving without requiring a lot of space.Furthermore,The advanced motor structure come into play, reducing the sub’s profile while maintaining accuracy.Alpine went the extra step and  did an excellent job using a dynamic neodymium magnet structure which allows the sub to handle more power than typical shallow-mount subwoofers.

The Best Places to Put Shallow Mount Subwoofers

When installing shallow mount subwoofers, there are a few main places you can put them, depending on what sound you need from them.It is really depend on how much room do you have and how much bass you want it.
If you are after a noise from your subwoofers that will be heard from a long way away, go with putting the subwoofers in the trunk of your car. You'll get the loudest outside sound and not compromise on high quality

In the rear speaker deck. If you are after a nice bass sound coming out from the inside of you car, as opposed to the loud noise outside, then position them on the speaker deck at the rear of your car behind the back seats. Run them to an amplifier, which can go in the trunk of your car.

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