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Best equalizer settings for car audio

What are the best equalizer settings for car audio

Best equalizer settings for car audio
Many people think if their have a single stereo that already built in with an equalizer than it must be producing a really good sound,well their are maybe wrong.To produce the high quality sound the sound reproduction may still requires some best equalizer settings and higher quality digital to analog the convertor for your car audio.
What is equalizer really do?EQ is designed to be used to optimize the sound of an audio system for the car or maybe room in which the audio is being played.Every room has its own unique "tone" or frequency in which things naturally vibrate,in this if it's for car it also depend to the sound speakers.EQ is used to level out these tones and allow for more accurate reproduction of sound.
When starting out with a great quality speakers and that unit produce the sounds good while listening with the equalizer using the flat setting, then the sound you hear has become better after the setting been make for the imperfections of listening environment.True,the producing of sounds maybe will be unpleasant without any equalizer adjustments and setting.
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Consider checking things like phase on your speakers, crossover adjustments on any aftermarket components speakers (tweeter level), crossover settings on any aftermarket amplifiers or maybe even just the quality of the audio components you’re using,you are only can get that “perfect” sound with a good  equalizer settings combine it with the high-quality speaker(like this brand) setup and with these setup you car stereo will produce the most awesome and with great quality sound.

So, if you want to perfectly engineer and setup your sound to be just right and good, I have researched, tested, and tried everything on all sorts of equipment, with all varieties of music.

The Perfect Equalizer Setting

The radio happens to be one of the relatively few parts on a car that aren't really vital to the transportation process. It has no effect on whether we get to our destination safely or on time, but most of us switch it on anyway. Some drivers couldn't imagine being in a car without music, talk radio or even an audio book playing through the speakers.

But the question is, how does it sound when we do switch it on? Is the sound quality decent? On most vehicles, unless the car came with a premium brand name factory option like a Bose, THX or a Mark Levinson system, the answer is likely to be, not really. Those types of high-end sound systems tend to be more prominent on luxury models.

Most car audio sound systems and radios won't have ultra-high fidelity sound, thumping bass, or lots of extra features like MP3 player inputs.Also, while they may emphasize one area of sound, like bass or treble, they may be missing the overall picture.And that's why buying a new stereo system (or even simply car audio speakers), is a common way to get better sound in your car.While properly adjusting your stereo's equalizer settings can greatly improve quality, the results won't likely blow your mind as much as a custom car audio system can. - source: Car Stereo Chick

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There are a number of ways to achieve maximum sound quality with new components.You can replace the stereo (which is sometimes called a receiver or head unit), replace the speakers, install sound-deadening materials to reduce vibration and even add an amplifier. These things can get pretty expensive; however, and fortunately for you, may not need to do all of these steps.

Upgrading the car stereo receiver is a good way to get more audio options, like a better equalizer, clearer radio signals and even CD or MP3 player capability.But for dramatic improvements in sound quality, you'll need more than just a new car stereo.Now consider you got all the stuffs and has been setup all of it into your car, now the last step are seaching and try to set for the best equalizer settings for car audio.

What really is the best Equalizer setting?

Well, you have to understand the EQ is a piece of software which increases or decreases a particular frequency the optimal EQ setting should always be “Flat.” You don’t really want to distort your music, plus you have to remember when you change the EQ you’re no longer listening to the music as recorded on the master recording.

If you want to get a little more out of your sound, let me explain to you what all those numbers and sliders on your EQ really mean, and do.All those numbers and sliders they correspond to different audio frequencies and wave lenghts.

Well, this is what they mean:

  • 32 Hz: This is the lowest frequency selection on the EQ.This sits in the lowest of low bass frequencies. This is where subwoofer information resides in songs (such as kick drums and bass instruments).A majority of speaker systems on the market can’t even reproduce this frequency – the only way you can hear this frequency is with a good dedicated amplifier with a high-quality subwoofer, or with some premium IEMs.
  • 64 Hz: This second bass frequency starts to become audible on decent speakers or subwoofers. Again, mostly bass drums and bass instruments will reside in this region.
  • 125 Hz: Many small speakers, such as in your laptop, can just about handle this frequency for bass information. In other words, if you turn it up on most systems, you’ll hear more bottom/bass in your mix.
  • 250 Hz: This is still considered low-end, but more of the “woofy” sound of bass and drum sounds. Guitars and pianos will have a large amount of low end in this frequency range.
  • 500 Hz: Now were approaching midrange frequencies, but still some of the low end of vocals and the mids of bass instruments sit here in a mix.
  • 1K: This is now low midrange of most instruments such as guitars, pianos, snare drums, etc.
  • 2K: The 2K frequency can boost or cut the “nasal” sound of your music, in the range your voice makes when you hold your nose and talk.
  • 4K: 4K is the upper mid range that many electric guitars sit in, as well as a large portion of many instruments.
  • 8K: This is getting into the high end, where the majority of cymbals and hi-hats are, as well as upper range of synths, pianos and guitars.Many vocals have a lot of information in this range.
  • 16K: Theoretically, us humans can hear just above 20K, so this is true high end. If you crank this up, your songs will get ‘sizzly’.This is the top of high end on the iTunes equalizer.

Now when you're tuning in and nowdays stereo like any of the pioneer units some of the kenwood ones and even the jvc when you go into the pro equalizer.To get to the jvc pro Eq you're going to have to turn off your deck,hold on the control knob and then it will usually bring you in. 

If not, read your instructions and make sure you get into the pro equalizer not the regular one.The regular one will either just trouble.Bass and mid don't adjust that,honestly just avoid that. If i were you trying to get into the band equalizer, just like the kenwood stuff so if you're on a single din and most of the time you just hold on to the knob and then you go on your audio.

equalizer setup
Now first thing to starts out as image above you can see the Eq panel that showing 10khz, 8Khz, 2.5Khz, 1Khz and it works its way down.Basically anything after 100 or 150(view it to left) is for bass,in example from image above is 200khz,some stereo maybe will have only 150khz,but as you can see after the big khz you will see 2 small number of eq panel which is 80HZ and 40Hz,this is basically for the bass setting.

So you don't really adjust those till later on, but you still play with these a little bit if you using the crossover.All you going to do is put on a rock song or you know, the best way to tune this is really with a rock song.If you have anything with a little bit of a guitar or anything.Just so you can get it in there.

If you are hip hop listener you can always do it with hip hop.Now when you're doing it as you
10 khz stereo eq setting
can see i'm a 10Khz. Most of the time you will get this if you're on just a single din deck.You got a 8Khz and you're going to be adjusting that and especially when you with the pioneers.So when you're adjusting your vocals i usually try and keep this a +3 or +4. which this is you can see from the image above i'm running my vocals setup pretty much out with 10Khz.First things first let's make sure that you're also using the proper stuff.When you're actually tuning this,a lot of people are going to tell you to use a CD.I'm also a very big on using cd also because i do love to have that perfect quality sound.

But the problem is if you also just do it with a cd you also might to go back to your other MP3 which even though they're recording good quality and say well. This is too tinny or this doesn't have enough bass.So basically if you're never going to be listening to a cd and you're always listening to an mp3.And it's good quality songs.You can always tune with that.Because in the end that's what you're going to be using.

Yeah your buddies telling you "but you won't have supreme audio quality" but then again what it comes down to is what are you going to be listening to.So it's just like when you're picking out your speakers right to.Because your buddy says that those MTX of infinity speakers are amazing, doesn't mean you should steer away from the kickers because they sound great to you.You know, go with what sounds good to you. 

equalizer bass setup
So once again, once you grab that you have your head unit.Make sure you get a head unit with lots of adjustment don't cheap out on your head unit this is what's going to give you amazing sound. And you know help you know for future things that come out. So once you start adjusting.As you can see here.When you have your 80Hz and 40Hz.This is going to your low and so if you're noticing that it's really muddy, turn these down as a lot of speakers can't handle this and if you want more bass.Then you either want to lookup at a subwoofer etc.
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For more understanding you can watch the video below

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