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Sony CDX M9900 Car Stereo Review

CDX M9900 Reviews - A Great Car Stereo From Sony

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We all know the sony brand slogan, and again yes, they are no need to tell and say anymore about their brand.Sony is one of many big brand company and well respected name in world consumer electronics.Sony is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world.The sheer size and reach of the company has many advantages and also the less advantages.With many products from the small electronic gadgets to the bigger one, Sony has created, innovated and build the most excelled technology in their production for almost and everything related with electronic in the world.
Sony Corporation company was based in Tokyo japan and is one of the market leaders for audio recording, video editting, communications services, and also the information technology products for the consumer and other big professional markets.Their musics, motion pictures, television, computer entertainment, and online businesse also make the company is one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. 

Sony CDX M9900 Car Stereo Review
So it is not surprising to learn that Sony car stereos are also well renowned in the automotive audio market.In the year of 2005, Sony car stereos officially launched their latest carrier car audio product, the Sony car stereo Xplod series which have a lot's of amazing line up of head units, the speakers, amplifier units, subwoofers, changers and accessories.With a good and impressive both in the performance and the aesthetic of value's.A good head unit from the Sony car stereo Xplod Series is the CDX – M9900 CD Receiver/Changer Controller/MP3 Player which boasts these features:   
  • 32,000-color TFT display
  • Video Input for External Source Playback
  • CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 playback
  • 4 Volt F/R/Sub Preouts w/HPF & LPF
  • 52W x 4 High Power
  • CEA-2006 Power Compliant
  • CD/MD Control, CD Text
  • XM Ready
  • BBE MP, DSO, EQ7
  • Auxiliary Input
  • 1-bit D/A Converter  
This unit has been built and design with grey metallic colour and iit is been built ideally for attaching on the ceiling of car.The built-in amplifier pumps 23 watts per channel x 4 (52 wpc x 4 peak power) into 4-ohm speakers for clear, full-bodied sound at high and low listening levels. New to this model, the head unit includes a revised CD playback mechanism and power chip called "Drive-S," whose key benefit is improved sound quality alongside an impressive 120 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

Audio processing options abound. DSO is a proprietary circuit that subtly phase shifts the preamp output of the head unit's left and right channels to simulate a sound source that's vertically high in origin. It alters the frequency response in a section of the sound to further enhance the perception that the sounds are originating from a physically higher source. 

This effectively raises the sound stage above the dashboard, even if the speakers are mounted low in the doors.The Sony XS series of car speakers provides high-quality car speakers at an affordable price.

p/s: This product has been discontinued

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